Holy Week At Christ The King

Maundy Thursday – 6:00pm The word Maundy comes from the word mandate. On the Thursday night before he died, Jesus gave his followers a mandate, a new commandment: “Love each other just as much as I love you” (John 13:34). “Maundy Thursday,” then, is just another way of saying “Commandment Thursday,” or “Love One Another … Read more

Join us for Lessons and Carols!

Join us for Lessons and Carols on December 11th @ 4:30pm. Stay after for food and some beverages! Lessons and Carols is a classic service where we read seven passages of Scripture all pointing to the first Advent of Jesus. After each reading, we’ll hear a short personal reflection on each passage and then sing … Read more

A Church is Born!

We had our opening day, and what a day it was!  God is faithful and a church is born! We had a great turnout, and the gathering was warm and engaging.  The worship was pure, and our time together in the Scriptures and at the Table and then at tables (meal) was a gift.   At … Read more

[Deep Community] Relay Race

At the heart of the Biblical story is a God who says, “All this is so that I will be your God and you will be my people.” In God’s joy, he invites us, not only to know him as individuals but to be a people together with Him. In community, we can love and … Read more

[Generous Mission] Praying to Bless Someone

I had a fun experience the other day. We are having some work done on our basement, and let’s just say all has not gone according to plan. Rookie Mistake #1 – Assume things will happen in a timely fashion. Started in April, still not done. This is just adding a bathroom so we can … Read more

[Real Formation] Reading the Bible for Saturation

There are so many ways we can approach the Scriptures for our benefit. Reading the Bible for knowledge, memorization, inductive reading, etc. One way that was newer to me, at least, is reading for saturation. Reading for saturation is where we soak our minds and hearts so regularly in the Scriptures that they begin to … Read more

Ministry Team

One of the great blessings in any ministry is to see how God draws in others to participate in this work together with Him.   You quickly get the sense that you are involved in something bigger than just what you can see yourself.   In a previous email, I introduced the expansion of our core … Read more

August Announcements

::CTK Gatherings::: CTK Morning House CommunionJoin us for an in home communion!  This will be a pretty informal gathering but with some light structure, encouragement, singing, fellowship, and Communion (bread and wine).  We’ll host it at the Blaine’s House on August 15th at 10am.   Kids welcome. (5385 E Atlantic Pl, Denver).  CTK Prayer“Unless the Lord builds the house”  … Read more