[Deep Community] Relay Race

At the heart of the Biblical story is a God who says, “All this is so that I will be your God and you will be my people.” In God’s joy, he invites us, not only to know him as individuals but to be a people together with Him.

In community, we can love and support each other. We can pick each other up when one stumbles. We can encourage each other towards greater joy. All of this is part of God’s plan.

But there’s also something even deeper going on.

I remember reading the memoir of an atheist that came to know the Lord. She commented, “As an atheist, I didn’t believe there was anyone out there supporting my efforts; what I left unfinished was unfinished forever.”

Then she reflected on being a part of the faith, the family of God.

She said, “As a Christian, I feel more like a participant in a relay race. I run the leg of love that is before me this day or even this minute, and I trust God to make something of it. When I go to be with Him, I pass on that baton.”

I love this thought.

Not only does Christian community draws us into a richer life with God, but by grafting ourselves into a deep community, we are part of God’s eternal plans.

At Christ the King, we want to embrace all aspects of community, as a way to joyfully walk together into God’s will.

It’s functional. It’s encouraging and helpful.

Deeper than that, though, Christian community is us taking up our eternal role in God’s plans for all of History.

That means just your presence in the community has an eternal purpose.

I look forward to living in to that together with you all!