[Generous Mission] Praying to Bless Someone

I had a fun experience the other day. We are having some work done on our basement, and let’s just say all has not gone according to plan.

Rookie Mistake #1 – Assume things will happen in a timely fashion. Started in April, still not done. This is just adding a bathroom so we can host people!

Rookie Mistake #2 – Pay more ahead of time than you should. Now the contractor has no motivation to finish. If I hadn’t paid, I’d just finish it myself.

In the words of Isaiah the prophet, “Oi Vei”.

Anyways…I was walking through my normal prayer routine and found myself praying more specifically that God would allow me to bless someone today. Nothing specific, or even necessarily tangible…just to bless someone.

An hour or two later, I went downstairs to check on the progress of the drywall and started chatting. The drywaller, who was a subcontractor, ended up asking me what I did for a living.

I told him I was a pastor, and then there was a long silence. Haha people, often don’t know how to respond to that answer. I’m used to it.

“So, are you like spiritual and stuff?”

I said, “Yes. I pray. I believe God is with us all the time. I look for Him.”

He then proceeded to open up to me about his life, his family, his relational troubles. We talked about how he changed his life for the better once he had his daughter. We bonded over being girl dads. I prayed for him and his daughter (he brought her to the job site).

It was awesome. Nothing special or amazing, just a nice conversation and prayer. Seeds planted.

We never know what step we are along a spiritual journey that God is taking people.

Generous mission doesn’t mean we have to move to another country or start a big ministry. It just means we’re open and praying that God would use us to bless others.

Let’s pray that together!