Shape of the Liturgy Booklets

One of our guiding values is “Real Formation” — the idea that as we come to faith in Jesus Christ, He draws us into becoming a new person altogether.

As Anglicans, one of the gifts we have inherited is a rich tradition of formation through the liturgy. That is not to say that just going through the motions of the service will naturally form us.

We do, however, look to absorb all the symbols, words, meanings of the liturgy as a means to allow the shape of the liturgy to shape us. Everything we do has a meaning and purpose.

The liturgy preaches the gospel to us, and calls us to a life of transformation in everything from the movement of our hands, the movement of the cross, the table, the word, and ever part of our service.

When you come to our service, on the welcome table we have little “Shape of the Liturgy” booklets that walk through our service. Rather than just going through the motions, we want people to know the reason for each movement of the service in order to better absorb how God is shaping and forming us.

These booklets are just meant to be an appetizer to understanding the movement of the service, but our hope is that it creates both awareness and questions about how we approach worship at CTK.