Our Values

Deep Community | Real Formation | Generous Mission

Deep Community

At the heart of the Biblical story is a God who says, "All this is so that I will be your God and you will be my people." In God's joy, he invites us to be a people together with Him and each other. As we walk through life learn to mutually lean on and support the community of believers.

Real Formation

God's invitation to partake in a deeper life with Him will change. As a church we walk in rhythms and practices to put ourselves in a place to be formed. We seek to renew our minds through receiving the Scriptures. We open our lives to the work of the Holy Spirit. We respond to His invitation to come to the Table.

Generous Mission

As we walk together as God's people, being formed by the Scriptures, the Spirit, and the Sacrament, the Lord sends us out on mission. We respond to God's movement in the world around us through good neighboring, serving our community, and by sharing the wonderful news of His generous invitation with others.

Our goal is that people who join Christ The King Anglican would have a sense for how God draws us into deep community, real formation, and generous mission.  Each of those pathways build on each other and together point us to a deep and fulfilling life with God.

As we become more deeply united to Jesus Christ, and as His character is formed in us, it will naturally push us to reflect His goodness in community.  In community, we will either be stretched or encouraged.  Both of these actions push us back into prayer and seeking the Lord, which leads to formation.

As we are being formed, we take on the heart of Jesus for the world.  We begin to respond to God’s goodness by turning our heart and desires outward to the world.  Serving, and living on mission is hard, though.  As we are stretched and grow on mission that pushes us back into prayer and formation to recieve the good gifts and empowerment of God in our lives.

When we serve together in community, that binds us more closely together.  Our unity and fellowship reflects the joyful union of the Trinity and glorifies God.